It is the year 2451 ad and mankind rules the galaxy with a lazy iron fist. There are roughly 14,000 civilizations, comprised of just over
17,000 intelligent species on a quarter of a million earth-like
worlds. And all of them call themselves 'the galactic empire'.
No one told them that twenty planets doesn't qualify them for the title "galactic."

Well, we could rule, if we wanted to. Most of its just backwaters that no one wants anyway. It turned out that the reason no one invaded earth before was because they were too busy fighting themselves. Stupidity it appears, is not a unique human quality.That and the sex robots. Theres more of them in the galaxy than actual meatbags. Many species had taken to artificial wombs and 'vatbabies', which is exactly what they are called. Those poor bastards will carry that label for life.

We never did break light speed, but most of the rich exist in hypersleep anyway. Most of them only wake up once a year or so. There are some that only creek out of bed to check their stock portfolio. I hear there is even one trillionaire thats up and about once a century to ask if we have broken light speed yet.

Despite all the progress over the last 400 years, historians all agree about the most significant event in modern history.
The lobster went extinct two hundred years ago on earth.
Theres been riots ever since.

* * *

In other news I'm still working on the game I guess. It's like totally the most okay indie game you'll ever play--if I ever finish it.

I put about a year of work into the NPC system, and then chatGPT came out.

After everything thats happened, at this point I may just make a game about an indie dev making a survival game, being stuck in the actual apocalypse or some weird political dysopia.

Put it on rewind, it was originally a zombie game. But at the time the market got flooded and steam sales for zombie games cratered. So I pivoted to something more along the lines of fallout. Then the flash market crashed, bunch of publishers folded, and adobe stopped support for flash (probably for the best). Then newgrounds, which I was gonna launch on for promotion (because actual marketing is expensive), ended support for flash.
Was going the route of kickstarter, and that year the KS market got flooded and the bar rose almost over night so you needed super high production quality out the gate, and a network of support you already built for months.

We had a brief nuclear war scare, and I watched the articles come out about market saturation for post-apocalypse games, so I pivoted back to zombies. Then covid happened and the entire topic was really fucked. So I went back to fallout meets rimworld. Then we had a flood of games doing that exact premise pretty much out of the fucking blue, so I went for a more single-survivor type game. Then ukraine happened and the threat of nuclear war has been slowly sapping the genre of its steam, on well, steam.
Then I was told to get a cancer screening which I can't afford. Then I broke a tooth and spent a month in agony.

Then a family member died. Then I made no money from the sale of a business I did everything to help get off the ground, then I helped renovate an entire house on short notice and sell it, then I lost two months living in a hotel
while looking for a new place to live. Then I spent two and a half years suffering low-level alcoholism, insomnia, and drifting between jobs.
Then I wrote amazing poetry. And then I rediscovered my love of math. And then I made out for the first time in over a year. And then I rediscovered my love of piano and guitar. And then I fell into severe depression for the last year. Then I made actual discoveries in math. And I learned to love my hobbies again, and jog, and not drink so much, and sing, and go on long drives, and occasional hikes, and talk to people again, and even start designing games and UIs again. And then I learned that doing amazing things without a lot of money is still possible, and then I discovered the sunk cost fallacy, and run on sentences, and how inside me there was a part of me that refused to quit because of circumstances I couldn't control, and then I learned that life goes on even when others lives have ended, even when everything and everyone never had an once of faith in you, and you've become the avatar of the bad luck brian meme..still, life goes on.

And we try to pick up the pieces, try, one more time, because the climb, and the fall, and the getting back up, is all there is.

What I would recommend, if you're thinking of making a game, or becoming an independent game developer, is, unless you have a *lot* of money upfront (think 50-100k saved, minimum, like one years income *bare* minimum), and unless you already have a full decade in the industry--don't make a game.

Just don't.

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    And frankly, now we have the two-fer of covid lockdowns coming back and the whole ukraine-russia-u.s.-ww3 nuclear apocalypse, and I'm not sure I have it in me to do another lockdown. And survive another FUD campaign of nuclear doomsday, knowing it'll work out fine, but watching the genre crater. Completely out of touch, but hey, three, four, five years of riots, outbreaks, lockdowns, 24/7 histrionic news, wars, back and forth from every outlet telling every group of people to hate, fear, and rage against every other group of people--all of tends to put people a bit out-of-touch. Like hey, maybe I'll make this thing, and make a little money before it all goes tits up so I can buy a few more cans of beans before the next crisis.

    I don't think I have it in me to do another lockdown. I think I might snap if I have to watch gas go to $5 a gallon again while being screamed at by one side or the other about their preferred issue or hottake.

    I just wanted to make games.
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    All the events are out of order because none of them have dates in my head anymore. They just all blur together like a persistent and actively malicious fog.
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    Dude, the guy who invented chess did it out of grief for losing a son in battle. Some old lady barely saw a dime for creating monopoly. Indie devs won't live long on their knockoff Redbull and Cheetos diet, and AAA studios are suicide by depression factories.
    'tis a shitty industry, that's the gist of it.

    But... ars gratia ars. shit, Van Gogh's story could have been the tale of a game dev. Newton and Shakespeare got fucked over by pandemics, driven away from their passions. Turing was pissed he couldn't run in the Olympics because of WWII, Einstein was bored out of his mind on a clerk job.
    And yet they made their best work while all this shit was going down around them.

    So... yeah. the world goes to shit. even faster when you're older.
    let's focus on the problems we devs can solve, and fix the world one np-hard at a time. one day we will get all the shit wiped off.
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    @Wisecrack if I could hug you I would. U are the best.
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    How many genders in 2451?
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    @JsonBoa "one np-hard at a time"

    Just beautiful. Thank you man.
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    @fruitfcker all of them.
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    @chonky-quiche "U are the best."

    Well, I'm an alright dude I think, maybe not the best. You're a pretty decent dude yourself. Be well quiche.
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    @Wisecrack one of my favorite rants so far.

    BTW, Flash was awesome. The IDE was great. People who didn't like flash probably never tried the IDE
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    @fruitfcker Just one. Mine!
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    Oh wow! This post just kept going and going!
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    @iSwimInTheC I think it fit wel leith the theme of determination.

    Or that old saying "you know the definition of insanity.."
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    christ I couldn't spell this morning. Jet lag.
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    Don't fall for the new variant scares. It is BS24/7. It was mostly bullshit the first time. Even more so now. Do NOT comply with the tyranny.
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    @JsonBoa my schizophrenic headcanon shall from here on out will be that this is all just the chatGPT matrix, I'm an AI designed to shitpost and work on obscure mathematical problems and you're an AI psychologist logged in here to help manage AI depression.
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    @Demolishun its more like after losing a family member to suicide over the lockdown and "feeling like the world was ending", I worry what people will do if we are forced into mandates/lockdowns again.
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    @Wisecrack can I have a kickass office? Mine is a bit crowded right now.
    Also it would be nice if the matrix would stop using such shitty autocorrect. If they can read our thoughts directly they should be able to properly write it down.
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    @Wisecrack we are gearing up to boycott any business that tries any measures.
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