First exam this year, about database optimisation. I have been there just a week and I really enjoy this school


I wouldn't wish my worst enemy to write SQL on paper goddamnit!!!!

(Yeah I didn't have any other pen that this red one, at least it was erasable)

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    You should use an ORM 😁
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    Spotted an error: Use single apostrophes instead of double for strings, your statement might not work otherwise 😉
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    @2erXre5 aaaah shit that's right 😅
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    all programming exams are written on paper. its literally programming on paper, no compilers to tell u if u wrote it correctly or not and if it works or not.
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    You'll get used yo it -said no one ever !
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    First exam this year - im in year eight and we have just discussed basic calculus in excel!!!!! I hope we will do smth more difficult this year xD
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    You can take a pic of your exam?
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