Guys, im in a recruitment process and monday will be the last interview with the CTO.
The position is for a Senior .NET Developer.
The HR told me its a DESIGN INTERVIEW

What the heck?
Design what? UML? No idea, never seen this before

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    .net is still a thing?
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    .NET is, and will continue to be, a thing for the foreseeable future. It has a vital place in corporate application development, as well as standardised production.

    As for the interview, double check with HR. Sounds like someone just trying to be fancy and calling it software design without really understanding.
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    Finally! After 5 interviews.
    1) HR 1 hour
    2) Technical Test (coding task) 2.5 hours
    3) Technical Test 1-1 1.5 hours
    4) Design / Architectual solution 1.5 Hours
    5) HR again­čśů

    Received an offer , refused, they raised up 10k in the offer
    I accepted ­čśů­čÉ╗
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