Wasn't there myself. Came back after weekend or being sick or something and after the daily stand-up one of the guys came to me:
"hey man not to be rude or anything but we're not going to use your code for the project. You're programming in a wrong way."

They explained me where I was going wrong and then it appeared that my study taught me some principles of PHP programming wrong.

I felt like shit, downish and had to fight the tears because I felt quite humiliated.

Looking back at it, they were completely right.

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    I exactly know what you mean...
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    Unfortunatly its not to uncommon for teachers to be out of touch with real world applications.

    We mostly see it with database queries where school examples has been to simple to prepare them for a real world years old database ;)
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    @Voxera Indeed, some of my teachers have tried to oversimplify lots of stuff and I hate it. Not just quite complex things but shit like starting arrays at 1 because apparently we can't comprehend a zero offset.
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    Value the people in your life who are brave enough to point out your problems, and patient enough to show you how to improve
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    That's why you need code review/inspection.
    And even better, do some pre-coding where you explain to your co-worker what you are gonna code, and how you are gonna do it.
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    Well, at least now you know how to do it the right way. There's no need to feel humiliated. Instead, feel glad you realized you were making a mistake :)
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    My Systems Architecture lecturer told me once - science is an art, in a way where there's no properly defined method to approach anything. If we've only gone about things the right way, we've never have discovered new ways to do things.

    What I'm trying to say is, you've been taught a super humbling lesson. Don't beat yourself up though, just because you don't know something doesn't mean you're incapable of learning and becoming better. It wasn't in their place to make you feel humiliated, it was their responsibility to teach you and yours to learn.

    You're great at what you do - that's why you got hired in the first place. You're okay, no worries, you're going to learn and you'll get so much better. Chin up, friend! 💪💪
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    Terrible moments to go through man, truly sucks to be human sometimes.. Although at the same time you grew, way faster than you´d have otherwise, and these moments will beless frequent and less stronger in emotion in future.

    You'll get over it, but damn doesn't it hurt before that.
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    @UncleBenis welcome to this awesome place man!
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    Not using 0 indexing?!?! Blasphemy!
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    Man,.learning can be tough,.but it's always worth it.
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    I know it's awkward but at least you learned something. Any day you learn something new is a good day.

    It means you're growing and becoming better than you were yesterday.

    We shouldn't strive to be better than others - only to be better than who we were yesterday.
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