Overheard a conversation from the C-level about firing a certain colleague... again. This is now the 4th time I've overheard they are firing someone before the (ex-)colleagues even knew.

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    inform him immediately, so he can take action and start searching for a new job, you will save his ass for the new job application
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    That's how it typically works, management talks about firing someone before they do it.

    Unless it situations I've seen where the individual is an 'A' player, never on a report, but one day questions the unethical behavior of manager then for a few weeks the mgr 'plots' to get that individual fired. Saying things like 'That guy isn't a team player.', starts moving his schedule around (working weekends), changing performance benchmarks (and not telling him), then one day...he's gone.

    It that's the case for you, it sucks to see it happen.
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    @mansur85 An other colleague informed her 30 minutes later and she was fired an other 1h30 after that.

    Her job is related to how much sales is happening and they fired a few sales people (or they left) and the backlog has also disappeared so she was no longer needed. The backlog was done partly by a jobstudent that they asked to fire himself (he didn't). See previous rant for more info.

    She was no longer needed :(
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    Well, this rant has aged poorly... 2 other people are also fired and a third one will be fired when they legally can fire him (sick leave)
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    @wojtek322 holy moly, which country is that????
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