Started working in a company as an intern, they want me to do everything whether I know how to or not.

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    On the name of 'experience' huh! Those bosses if they could will ask us to lick theirs as well! ๐Ÿ˜ 
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    @aitkotw Same here... ๐Ÿค“
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    They'll ask you the same as an employee, don't worry. However then you will get paid (more). Being thrown into the deep end isn't a bad way to learn but it sure hurts while trying not to drown.
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    I don't really get it.
    Slavery?.. Just.. come on..

    That is just real life knocking on the door, just get your head in the game and be glad you got an internship.

    Show your worth and you might get a job instead.
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    Doing an Internship in Germany and in my 3rd year atm. In my opinion it's awesome since you can acquire first hand job-experience and learn from your seniors. Depending on your experience you are given responsibility too. I'm currently setting up our Kubernetes System and working on an iot solution for our products. The normal Co-workers communicate on the same level and don't treat me like a slave. Therefore I think it really depends on where you work and what kind of internship it is.
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    I'd like more interns
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    @wolke Did you really name yourself cloud? :v
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    @wolke Just to get this right, you have been on an internship for 3 years? Or I misunderstood that?
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    @stereo indeed, I'm in the middle of my third year atm
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    @filthyranter yes I did ^^
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    I had an internship last year at DB(a traveling? company for which my particular unit should develop an Database UI) and it was like:
    Yeah, we need a half year to get you a PC.
    Me: My internship lasts 2 weeks................ So i mainly just wrote test cases on paper and tested responsiveness with *my* mobile device. It was boring as hell, but at least they paid me with coffee.
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    This is also known as "trial by fire".

    This is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your ability to pick up new technologies and learn new things on the fly - which is an absolute requirement in an industry that changes every 2 years.

    Or not - in which case at least you're only an intern so you're not costing the company much and can be let go soon when your internship ends
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