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    Test in production
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    Push broken to prod with an emoji in the commit message.
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    Copy code into skype, copy code from skype back into codebase, sit back and enjoy.

    Fyi: i dont know how/why but if you copy something in skype it messes up the whitespaces and stuff.
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    Replace all ; with greek one.
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    Commit all private API keys and node_modules
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    @frickerg then they all will pray for mercy
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    Y'all working under the assumption that the internship was a bad experience
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    These comments!! You guys are Savage!
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    If you are on php, just add a space before opening tag <?php
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    😂😂 I accidentally did this once on my internship, lucky it was only beta server and Sr engineer had a backup.
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    @OPM46 or disable short opening tags, if possible. Super effective if running WordPress!
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    @EpicNewton the fact that you know that makes me want to fight you
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    @Hastouki well its quite innocent. Every now and then a colleague asks for help by skype. So i gladly help by sending an piece of code as example via skype. But once he copies it in the IDE it cant compile...

    So the knowledge is not the dangerous part it are the people who misuse this feature that are ;)
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    Holy shitfuck how on earth did that happen... well I guess there's no stopping, let's get OP to 750++!
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