Go home Netflix, you are drunk.

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    >type your username backwards pls...

    Drunk Netflix knows you’ll still do it.
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    All I can think of is Narcos
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    Spaces does not count
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    They allow 4 character passwords??
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    And it's not like they can change it. You see this website NeoPets decided to change password rules and noone with an insecure password could sign in. Why?

    They first checked to see if the entered password matched the latest password criteria THEN send a db request. This will save bandwidth but will cause existing users unable to sign in. And you can't force a password change non intrusively.

    They could do what Windows does which is forcing you to change however I don't think it is applicable to Netflix, which is on a bunch of different OSes. Android, IOS, Desktop( Browser), TVs, consoles I could go on.

    So the easiest solution would be not to check the criteria when logging in. Using a ton of bandwidth, but hey it's Netflix. Not NeoPets.

    Ugh. This was so long.
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    Why are they limiting passwords to 40 chars? They will (hopefully) hash them afterwards?!
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