There is always that one guy.. who doesn't give a fuck about testing and thinks he's not responsible for them...
Le Guy: lemme just push ma new code maan
Jenkins: Unit Tests failed - pls fix
Le Guy to the one who cares about testing: hey fuck uu, ur stupid tests are failing... fix them its ur problem.

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    ...please...tell me that yall use branches and have merges to master automated as rare as it is
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    @scroach fuck well thank you. you just gave me another reason to stay up till tonight cause I'll have nightmares anyway
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    @scroach but seriously talk to someone that will let you set that up. preferably with a code coverage check that fails if code coverage is less than it was before the push. I'm thinking about setting that up on my codeship account to force myself to write test cause I have a bad habit of testing shit manually
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    @PerfectAsshole Actually i would love that, you got any suggestions on how to implement that using Gitlab+Jenkins?

    I need to force myself too to write tests in shitty projects :D
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    Responsibility, not so much fun as fun.
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    @scroach using gitlab+jenkins to do that should be easier than what I would have to do. I'm not sure on the specifics but the idea would be blocking pushes to the master branch and making jenkins merge branches itself. as for code coverage the last time I did it I used the sonar plugin. a quick Google search says sonar or a grovy script is still the way to go.
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