I had a branch <refactor> where I changed the structure of some folders (and did appropriate changes in imports) for organization of the feature I'm developing; I then merged <refactor> into <feature> and created a PR from <feature> into develop. I let the PR be known in Slack.

Yet nobody reviewed the PR.

Whatever. I created <new-feature> from <feature> locally, and started working on it. Then I merged <new-feature> into <feature>, and pushed it into its remote counterpart... well, only now have I realized I haven't merged the remote <feature> into develop. Now I have a PR in which the documentation doesn't tell all the changes anymore. Because nobody reviewed it before and I couldn't merge it. Now instead of keeping on working I gotta come here to vent my frustration before I can do anything.

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    Take a break.
    I'm not asking, I'm telling
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