I just started to use Fira Code as my main font because another awesome user recommended it and I must say, this shit is beautiful. This is what I love about this community. I learn more and get to know more cool shit because of what users say in here than the 5 years I spent at uni. You ninjas rock!

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    @stop you ma ninja, thank you!
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    thx for this hint, just what I searched..
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    It would be weird if they showed us different fonts for 5 years.
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    don't forget the sublime 3 dev already support ligatures ..
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    @fikrimi did not know that! Thanks bro!
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    @rantOverflow something like that. Me and a friend started to use that because we had a bunch of african american friends that would say the n word. Mind you this was while we were in the Army and the use of the n word was not tolerated. In order to get them used to not saying it we saif that being a ninja was cooler (like an actual ninja) so we changed the n word for ninja and it stuck with us. I am legit calling peopl3 ninjas.
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