I participated this weekend at a hackathon, and I actually have won with my teammate :)

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    @ygqw I did implemented a foodtracker which sends the data to a cryptocloud-provider, and then your doctor sees some graphs, if you are healthy.
    @Gaetono96 thanks :)
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    @AlexDeLarge thanks! I build a small react app which gets some data from 'gesundheitscloud' and their buggy library and the visualize it with a graph (looks like the punchcard-graph of github) https://github.com/burdahackday5-hc...

    And fixed some bugs at the used library.

    Cool that you recognized me :)
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    @AlexDeLarge the idea was from my teammate, he did a angular appfor the patient, with a barcodescanner and send the data to the server.
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    Congratulations, good job!
    I've never been at a hackathon...
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    @PonySlaystation thank you :)
    you should participate! It's fun and you get to know cool people, and nice prices as well. I did win some smartdevices, conferencetickets and a visit to the adidas headquarter :D
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    @plusgut haha cool! I will!
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    Congratulations! Awesome work :) How much time did you have for your project?
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    @Python thanks! we started at 10:00 on saturday and codefreeze was at 13:00 on sunday. I guess the time of work was about 12 to 14h, including the time spent polishing some stuff.
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    Nice! Congrats!
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    @SoulSkrix you are welcome :) And I really respect you for reading into it, doing a conscious and informed drug decision, is very important and a good thing :)
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    @SoulSkrix I looked up your username and found your github profile. And with that I had your location and your real name, then I searched that at fb ;)
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    ... would have worked for me too :D
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    Arrays start at #0....
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    @romangraef if you try to be a smartass, get your facts straight. Not all programming languages are zero-based.
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    @plusgut ik. but still. It just feels wrong to start indexing at 1.
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