Its been a month my desktop stopped working and i tried to get it repaired from a local workshop. The guy tried everything to make it work but failed.
Now i am stuck with
no computer to trade forex, work on my personal projects.
Time wasted....

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    If you can’t buy a replacement pc by yourself, stay away from trading…
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    @aviophile , i am trading on demo account and just learned basic of forex. I am not risking real money until i am confident with demo account.
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    @Nanos , its an old desktop just capable enough to run ms office, node.js, react.js and metatrader 4/5 with some old games like AOE, Pharaoh.

    Spec are are 500GB hard-disk, 8 GB ram and Core2 Quad processor. Model dell optiplex 960
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    @Nanos , It is a windows machine (no gpu). When i turn it on it just peeps on and on with orange lights blinking.

    Might be related to bios but not sure. I am planning to replace it with a newer machine or a laptop with dual boot window + linux mint.
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    @Nanos ,

    Windows 10

    It was working fine.

    Someone was saying to me that it is malfunctioned due to the humidity. I used to turn it on only on weekends.

    And yes it is same as this picture. no difference.
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    @Nanos , i will have to search from scrap store. even scrap is getting expensive here what not that much. If you are from India then we are neighbours may be.
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    @Nanos , changed cmos as well. no use.
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    @Nanos , i am not sure about the sequence of beeps. I would rather replace it so that i start doing my things again. on the weekend i am getting it fixed hopefully.
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    @Nanos , plan A get it fixed.

    Plan B sell it and buy a working piece.
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