I am a college student that's pursuing a degree in Computer Science. Once one of my classmates said that she had a 3 GB pen drive. I was curious as I'd never heard of any company making pen drives in that capacity. I asked her to show it to me, she showed it to me and pointed out the words "USB 3.0".

The same woman once copied the icon of Turbo C++ for an assignment submission.

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    Simillar thing happend to friend of my friend in highschool. But since his response in front of the teacher was "what are you doing in IT school lmao" he got from his school for a week by deputy director (not sure if its right in english, sorry) after she gave him 30 minutes long speech how offensive that was and that hes the reason why women do not go in IT. Thanks god she got fired next year for doing shitty job.
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    @CopyPasteCode Jesus. That's too much of a guilt trip for a seemingly harmless snark.
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