Is there anybody else who also happens to think that Quake 3 Arena and Blood Omen 2 are some of the best games to have ever come out?

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    In my opinion most underrated game is half-life 3, so underrated that it never actually came out.
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    If I was ever able to get Quake3 working I might agree...
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    Unreal (The original) is my favorite FPS. UT2k4 for multiplayer.

    StarCraft (brood war) is my favorite RTS, followed some distance away by Total Annihilation.

    Magicka: Wizard Wars is (was) my favorite MOBA.

    Portal 2 is my favorite puzzle game.

    FF6 is my favorite RPG, then Chrono Trigger.

    Super Mario 64 is my favorite platformer, followed by Aladdin (SNES), then I think Darkened Skye?

    Tabletop? AD&D 3.5 -- everything past it just got weird and lame.

    Favorite MMO: World of Warcraft (all that tasty lore)

    Diablo 2 is my favorite hack&slash, followed very closely (or surpassed) by Sacred Underworld.

    Minecraft would probably be my favorite building game.

    Arcade game? Fancy Asteroids clones.

    But an overall favorite?
    I haven't a clue...
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    @retardis yes Quake 3 is and was the best game ever (well Quake Live as well until they decided to run it on Steam only). I have had quite a lot of frags in those two games, something about 600'000. It is sad that I no longer have enough time for gaming anymore 😔
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    Blood omen 2 was buggy and got old pretty fast; I liked soul reaver better.
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    @Ashkin I loved Unreal as well, I feel after Q3A, it was the best FPS. Although, I am a bigger fan of Perfect World than WOW in terms of MMOs.
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    @spongessuck I never completed Soul Reaver, although I found Blood Omen 2's story way more refined and better.
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    @2erXre5 I know right, The Longest Fall was my absolute favorite map. Did you check out the new Quake Champions? I liked it overall but some changes in the mechanics like slowed down Rocket Launcher made me a little disappointed.
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    @retardis qdm17 (Longest Yard) was my absolute favourite.

    Yes I was in the Beta of Quake Champions, but I did not played it often, so I am somehow not sure if I like it or if it's just ok to play. Q3A/QL has set the bar very high in this regard. But if I would have more time Quake Champions would def. my most wanted game to play
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    @2erXre5, oh yeah. Longest Yard is what I meant as well. You could use almost any weapon in that map and it would still be fun.
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    @retardis exactly, and there were some big rocket jumps possible (e.g. rocket jump on railgun platform directly up to quad jumppad (behind yellow armor)). I even liked instagib 1:1 on that map
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    @retardis Unreal has story and music and secrets and large open maps. I love it so much
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    @Ashkin, I will agree that it had the best implementation of Capture The Flags, ever. They were so much fun.
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