In 11th grade I had a shitty teacher who would make students go away from this one computer he always used in the computer lab. It was pretty annoying because he only ever used it to watch YouTube videos of fuckall Bollywood news and other garbage like it.
It was extremely annoying and inconvenient to everyone.
One day, I went to his PC, when he was not there, and reallocated the default way to open all .exe files to nothing, using the Windows Registry.
He came back and saw that none of his applications work and his PC is basically unusable now.
It was extremely funny for a few days to watch the IT guys try to fix but they weren't able to.
Now I don't know what they told the school but a month later they bought a completely new CPU and placed it instead of that one.
So fucking stupid.

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    For being so full of yourself, you may want to note: they didn't buy a new cpu. They bought a new tower, or case, or more likely just brought one in from another area. This was a wasteful and uncool thing to do...
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    @Silvus, yes. But wasn't everyone a full of themselves, piece of shit at 16?
    And no it was a new CPU as I had specifically asked one of the teachers if it was and they said yes.
    Also, what would lead you to believe it was a new case/cabinet? Who only changes a case in a school lab?
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