I bought Minecraft back in 2007 or 8. It was $20 and gave me access to Minecraft forever, all updates included.

Today Microsoft closed all the old mojang accounts and I no longer have access to Minecraft. I could have migrated to a Microsoft account, but it will be a cold day in hell if I ever open one of those.

Sounds like law suit material. Class action anyone?

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    Do you use official servers that require official account?
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    They do this all the time. When Google Books was cancelled Google didn't disappear, they just unilaterally cancelled a bunch of people's access to the books they purchased for life.
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    @lorentz any time a see a new Google product, I immediately assume it will die so I don’t bother with it. Even for dev stuff, other than very consolidated things like maps, tensor flow, golang, etc.
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    Today, "buying" means purchasing access until the service is shut down, unfortunately.

    It‘s true for music, movies, games, software, everything.
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    @ars1 or MS, introducing a new dev tech every 5 years or so and killing the old one, which was "the future" back then.
    You bet your ass that MAUI will be dead in about 4 years.
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    Minecraft is a mere shadow of it's former self nowadays. It's just another corporate piece of software like everything else. Thanks to MS.

    They removed any trace of the creator of the game. Doesn't matter if he was an asshole or not.

    They renamed Minecraft into Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock into Minecraft

    They changed their usage guidelines (basically the ToS) to not allow servers a lot of things while they themselves push their marketplace. Eliminating the existence of Minecraft Events. Changing ownership of minecraft content (including fucking screenshots of the game)

    They autoban users for speech even on private servers and even censor signs in fucking singleplayer.

    Feature parity between the minecraft is a joke.

    If that is not a list of massive red flags, I don't know what is.
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    @chaosesqueteam2 don't worry, im working on my own project in Rust 👌
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    They did whaaat?
    *throwing curses about my 5€ license*
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    @iiii I haven't played it in 4 or 5 years. I was rolling my own server then.

    Time for an open source clone!
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    @lungdart minetest is one. And the project i'm working on will be similar in aesthetics and will inherit some gameplay from mc, but I don't want to spoil too much, because it's in such an early state, that everything might be subject to change.
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    as a matter of fact i made a mod for minetest, the game was mineclone 2 and plays very similar to MC (but not the same)
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    MS is a plague for Minecraft and Mojang id argue are just as bad because they actually get funding from MS and they still are some of the laziest pieces of shit I've ever fucking seen
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