I didn't redeem my stressball because I felt bad for dfox and trogus having to pay extra for shipping. Is there any way to redeem my stressball while still paying shipping? ❤ (I wanna order some other stuff too)

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    @aitkotw I really badly want to but Google play doesn't take my card 😢
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    @Dacexi why? What's wrong with your card? I think @thatdude is from Sweden he can help you and he is already a supporter.
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    @Dacexi they pay for shipping? i thought the buyers pay all the shipping cost... @dfox , confirm it
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    @ThatDude we don't have any here. We have Ica but they only have like Interflora and Spotify gift cards.

    @aitkotw since I'm 15 I don't get a full bank card yet but a cut down one (no online purchases outside sweden)
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    @CozyPlanes quote from code mail:

    - The code is good for one free stress ball and free shipping

    - You can add other items to your order if you want and they will get combined with the free shipping
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    @Dacexi what is code mail? and was shipping free? I had to pay $5 extra
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    @CozyPlanes The mail containing my discount code (don't worry, it's expired)
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