A few years i had wrote a little script as a proof of concept for remote injection via torrent files.

Yesterday, some doofus bruteforced into my seedbox and tried to install a miner using the same script🤦🤦🤦

Did some digging, found my way back to him and wiped the drives on his system as a gesture of thank you. Anyways, I hope he didn't have anything important on his 16TB volume, cause good luck recovering that

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    How did he get your script?
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    @horus I was in my college days at that time and used to explore different little experiments like this and blog about it to showcase my abilities, it helped with finding freelancing gigs at the time. This POC was one of that.
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    how dare you use my own spell against me, potter?
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    Yeah right, i am a noob, i didnt think that partition recovery tools exist, duh !!! What do you think i am, a child who doesn't know what he is doing

    Obviously i deleted the partition, and created a new one there almost identical with 1mb less just to leave a breadcrumb.

    If the dofus is skilled enough to recover his data after that, i think he deserves the data back i would respect his skills.
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    @chaosesqueteam2 Why do i code ask ? I dont. Hell, I never thought i would be a developer.
    Being a curious introvert, i just found coding as a means of expression.
    To me, coding is just sand and i am but a child on the beach happily making and breaking sand castles.
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    @chaosesqueteam2 How about this, you clone your repo on a disk and delete it from everywhere else including github.
    Then let me do what i did to your drive, if you are skilled enough to recover it you have your repo, otherwise you accept that you are not worthy of it anyways and it's gone for good.

    And If you are not willing to accept the challenge, shut your mouth forever cause your know your skills are shit
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    Accept the challenge or shut your mouth and accept your subpar skills.

    Dont bark around for skills that you dont have, i already have got a bong pet for doing that.
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    I'm curious about this, so you found the source, was their system really vulnerable so that you were able to access, or you used the same method they used?

    I'm a noob in these stuff but I like to know more about it
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    Poor @coldfire
    Three designated trolls in just a single one of his rants
    Protip: don't feed them
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    @scor Just seems like a daily thing now since devRant is more of a zombieland from the past couple of months
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    Who said it was you, @ostream ?
    Everyone deserves food, I agree.
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