I really don’t know about you guys but this WA update kills me:

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    Did it just appropriate Signal's icon? O.o
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    Holy shit, man, your censoring is weak. You might want to reupload this one.
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    @vintprox who would you contact, Victoria Flex or Chinedu Uzarue?
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    @bioDan Victoria Flex, so I can flex Victoria 😂
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    @vintprox he uses BeSafe Airtel, so it's not a problem /s
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    whatsapp really be changing it's focus to something it wasn't made for. Zuck really loves doing this as his still crying about how facebook turned out.
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    Everything will turn into Instagram/TikTok at some point,
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    @ostream true. Kinda forced to use it in Germany. What i like about it though, is that the chat is stored permantly on the phone and acessable offline. I also like the fact, that it is phone number linked. I know many dislike that.
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