How do you think AR/VR is going to change the world?

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    Porn I guess. :)

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    I think it will revolutionise the entertainment sector far less than people think it will - it'll end up being a niche product there, like it is now

    I think where it will see the most use are the simulation/training, medical, and engineering/construction sectors
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    @rc5-asdf that was great. Pixel glass anybody?
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    Was here to mention porn.
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    It has some potential, but i think most concepts have no big usefulness. The best I can think of, for AR, are: Instruct people in doing a certain task (has military potential) and giving clients/workes a better vision of a product. For VR, mostly games I guess. The most other usecases, there are non AR/VR substitutes, that are in most cases better. But one can never know, because society is one of the most difficult things to predict and change. Like how long are we trying to get people to help with enviroment?
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    I lol-ed out of bed, thanks. Haha
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    True that for simulations and rehabilitation uses, I can't imagine people on the streets with VR visors at this point.
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