so I had a thought about the fermi paradoxon and evil super-AIs/robots.
If we consider, that we are not alone and that a super-AI tends to cleanse the planet from harming species (like homo sapiens), the super-AI would start to check (e.g. by sending self-sustaining clones of the AI to habitable solar systems), whether other planets must be cleansed aswell. And at some point, it would come into conclusion that the earth needs a basic cleaning.

This has not happened yet. Some of the possible reasons are (aside from the fermi paradoxon):
- the super-AI is not evil and therefore doesnt eradicate civilizations
- the AIs (former) owners were not carbonite based and the AI doesnt recognize us.
- there are no intelligent spezies in the milky way (yes, that includes us ;))
- The AIs surveillance 'drones' are still on the way to us

Are there other reasons? Did I oversee something? Is this even interesting enough for you to read to this point?

Feel free to rant on me ;^)

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