Question for devs with 10+ years of exp: what keeps you motivated ?

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    Money......I guess :)
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    Learning new tech helps instead of getting stuck in doing the same thing for years. Also moving between different types of company from internal software development to IT consultancy job to working on a product.
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    Idea of being ceo for sane firm
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    @LMtx to be honest: at work currently nothing. I am somehow stuck in a hamsterwheel, can't go back, can't go forward, so the only option is to step aside, have a look around what is interesting and learn some real badass stuff for myself (my hobby is learning functional programming with Erlang)
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    I invent most of my own work, based on tedious processes I observe around the office. By working on things I want to do, I contribute in a meaningful way and can enjoy myself doing it.
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    @2erXre5 sometimes you have to step aside and actively look for other opportunities. I have done that a few times in my life (always with a good outcome). All the best for you!
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    I did 5 years in hardware before I got into dev, I got bored and demotivated cos I was never challenged anymore. Then I got into Dev and I've been learning and growing for over 10 years. There is always something new to learn or some new puzzle to figure out. If not, find a new project!
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    @cjbatz have you tried IoT? That is a perfect join for hardware and soft.
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    I'm really motivated to not starving to death
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    @2erXre5 learn phoenix framework maybe. It's in elixir though
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    Going on 24yrs now and I still love it. Nothing beats doing what you love and getting paid for it
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    The Blood sacrifices.
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    @Faraaz i just start with Erlang, then later I try to look at Elixir. But thanks for the suggestion, when the time comes I will investigate some time in Phoenix...
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    @LMtx Thanks for the thought, but I really don't miss hardware.
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