Ok peeps!

A newbie to nodejs and linux VPS (ubuntu) would appreciate any tips you could throw my way on how to push locally developed nodejs webapp to prod in vps server 😊


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    so buy vps and deploy. they will give root access so you can apt and npm anything. for cheap ones i recommend time4vps (europe, $3/mo)
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    @MaxDeepfield I have all of that. Was wondering more on about the methodologies or best practices if how people do the deployments. Docker containers, script samples.
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    @olezhka that makes sense. so your deployment can be easy as gitlab instance with continous integration scripts. for websites we use simple ftp uploads. node needs to be restarted. if you put gitlab runner on prod machine it can restart nodes for you after successful commit.
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    @MaxDeepfield thanks, will research that! Currently I push to gitlab, login to vps, pull, etc :D
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    Install git on both ur local and cloud, from local git push, and from cloud clone the repo and "$npm install" if you have .gitIgnored node modules.
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