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    Elementary OS where are you?
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    Famous shitrant
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    MS trying to make life more interesting for us :)
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    I heard they fixed KRACK?
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    Story of my life.
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    11 hours later.
    3 reboots that never turned back on.
    Wow this is painful.
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    Better install Linux!
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    My chemical romance? 🤘
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    I have enough versions in VM to keep me happy for my needs.

    I just prefer windows as a daily as it does everything I need, and the DE is actually pretty good.

    I currently am running multiple versions of Linux though,

    Centos (servers)
    even ChromeOs and Android (technically)

    Would run a hackintosh but my cpu doesn’t do virtualisation 😢

    I’m no stranger to the Linux world 😆
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    thanks for info
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