Been seeing some ridiculous dumbshit comments regarding war which piss me the fuck off so I'll address them here


"xyz country did not abide by the rules of war"

What RULES in WAR? WAR is WAR, there are no fucking rules! Anyone can kill anyone however he wants to!

"Using xyz is illegal in war"

What can be ILLEGAL in WAR? WAR ITSELF is fucking illegal you dipshits. You just made a crime legal, normalized it and called it WAR

"Doing xyz is a war crime"

WAR-CRIME? WAR ITSELF is a fucking crime you cuntfuck! You cant do further crime than participating in war! While you're legally doing that crime you might as well do anything else illegal because now everything is legal in war, there is no such thing as a fucking war crime

"Do not kill women children and the elderly in war"

Why the fuck do they get a free pass? How about the 18 year old, 25 year old? Its fine to kill them? Who the FUCK are you to say who can be slaughtered and who cannot? Get the FUCK off my dick you fucking dickriders. If some groups of people can be slaughtered THEN SO CAN WOMEN CHILDREN OLD FUCKS AND BABIES BE SLAUGHTERED! DONT GIVE A FUFK. Either stop the fucking war or dont complain who got slaughtered.



Same way how recruiters show no mercy or compassion in hiring. They dont give a FUCK. They fuck with everyone and waste everyone's time. Same way in war. Fuck anyone. Slaughter anyone. OR. Dont begin the fucking war in the first place

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    Civilized people distinguish between armed combatants and unarmed civilians. As a soldier, an enemy soldier with an automatic assault rifle is a threat to you. A bunch of peasants minding their business in their huts are not.
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    International law exists and it matters as long as it is enforced.
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    With regards to current events, international community considers hamas to be a terrorist organization, hence not a legitimate belligerent. Therefore Israel is not bound to jus in bello (the law that governs the way warfare is carried out) with regards to hamas.
    So there’s a higher risk of this being a dirty conflict with a lot of collateral damage to civilians. If the international community recognized hamas as a legitimate belligerent, both sides would be bound to war laws, which would be a good thing for the protection of civilians. But that will never happen as Israel will never agree to legitimize Hamas.
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    @black-kite nah man, Israel is not bound because it's go the US and most of NATO behind it, that's the real reason
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    There's rules of war because countries have agreed to them, the same as any other rules and laws put in place. They're designed to ensure minimum civilian casualties on both sides, and prevent escalation where possible. How is that a bad thing?

    By your logic then country A could nuke country B into destruction for no reason other than declaring war, with no repercussions - because hey, it's war, and there's no rules, and that's fine, right?
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    I can totally++ this, but it's (Imho) the wrong tag. I'd use random.
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    @ess3sq one of the reasons perhaps, but also for the reason I mentioned.
    Just like the Hamas is not bound to war laws either (and they’ve proved it since they didn’t hesitate to slaughter a bunch of civilians)
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