So Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and many others just gave $50mil (each) for CS education in USA. The program is intended to help minorities and kids in highschool learn coding.

That's pretty awesome. Say what you will about these companies but they do some really great things sometimes.

Also, Ivanka Trump was helping this along. I'm not a fan of the trump administration but still, that's awesome!

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    If only someone wanted to help the little poor smart people in Eastern Europe.

    Here being complete idiot and garbage is of honor.
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    @just-basic-user I feel you, I'm from Eastern Europe, albeit, the most northern part of Eastern Europe so it's not too bad here 🙂
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    @Froot Which country? I am from Bulgaria.
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    @just-basic-user I know 😄
    I'm from the Baltics. That's as specific as I'm willing to go, it's a small country after all 😄
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    Sounds nice but in the end it will benefit them, because one of those kids will be a genius that will create something worth more than $50M for them

    Yup I’m a pessimist :P
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    Shouldn't you be on a honeymoon and not on Devrant?
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    @zshh It will. But it will also benefit those kids themselves and us. Kids get success and buckets of money, we get good products.

    @virus200 Na we didn't go anywhere 😄
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