God bless PHP
God bless Excel
God bless Visual Basic
God bless JavaScript
God bless jQuery
God bless Python 2
God bless Perl
God bless Bash


God, destroy React
God, destroy Vue
God, destroy Angular
God, destroy Java
God, destroy Next.js
God, destroy Rust
God, destroy Go
God, destroy Kubernetes
God, destroy Docker
God, destroy Flutter

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    oh come on, not my boii Docker!
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    Now move bash to the bottom section and swap all the bless-destroy :)

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    Genuinely interested, why do you want to destroy Docker, by many developers a best thing invented since sliced bread?
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    @myss poorly designed/coded products I came by didn't want to run on clean Ubuntu even when using their official Docker images. Good products run fine without it. To me, that means Docker failed at its very purpose. It's not a bulletproof abstraction/containerization tool. It cannot indeed take any complicated mess that barely runs, package it as-is preserving its fragile bug balance, so it can be deployed anywhere.

    Without that thing figured out, it's just an added layer of complexity that doesn't guarantee shit.

    I used Docker. I know how to use it. I won't be using it again.
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    Python 2, meh.

    If its below Python 3.6, i dont care what you with it. No fstrings, No async, bless you the C like experience.
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    @myss Also, Docker is the gateway drug to microservices, and you don't need those either.
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    *C++ left the chat*
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    Docker is just glorified chroot for people who can't manage their Linux.
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    Are you Islam?
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    Bro you're obsessed
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    You lost me at "God"
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    @CoreFusionX nailed it
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    Don't mess with Rust. You mess with the crab you get the stab. :D
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    Hear, hear. Except the docker thingies which has been and is a paradigm shift since many years. Huge enabler! Huge! Billions and billions!
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    @ostream i have a theory there are infinite corporate lurkers on this site, just butthurt at their innefficient work methods but too lazy to go a step further to improve them
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    God bless <insert old languages and frameworks here>


    God, destroy <insert any newer language or framework that has quite literally resolved many of the pitfalls and footguns of above languges and frameworks>

    I mean it's sure to get comments, which it has

    not so sure about the updoots
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    @fullstackcircus I am not really serious and I guess a lot of us 🦕 are as well. Modern languages and frameworks/runtimes/whatever should be embraced.

    But there should be guidence on what, and where, and how, and why and for how long and …
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    What I find (and I blame js ecosystem for it) is that many of those new "modern" things are so opinionated as to become like a cult.

    Modern does not equate to better.
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