Don't drink 2 espressos as breakfast and go on a one-hour toiletless train ride.

60 minutes is a long time to frantically debate with yourself what would look weirder: Shitting in your laptop bag, or pressing your butt against the small sliding window.

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    Unfortunately, that’s a thing 😩
    Really blows when you have a 2 hour commute 😳
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    @ThatDude Yes. I hate train toilets, but I hate it even more when a train doesn't have them 😞
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    I can only assume it’s a way for the govt to reduce costs.

    Sometimes I wonder if I live in a 1st world country.
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    @ThatDude Trains for short local rides often don't have toilets anymore, to save money. But then there was a train shortage, and those trains are now sometimes put on longer distance travels.

    I feel like it's a great metaphor for a lot of the code at work though. Not properly optimized for the load, starts shitting all over itself every morning.
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    wow, trains with travel time above 1 hour should have a toilett.
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    @ThatDude, I use to think it was normal to have a toilet on a train, then I moved inter-state and went WTF.

    I have since *trained* my ass during the commute times. I guess the average commute is less then an hour for most, so wouldn’t necessarily be an absolute requirement, but living on one side of the train system and working on the other side of it has its issues.
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    Nice story, had a laugh.

    Every morning I have this debate with my wife why it takes so long to go to the toilet after drinking my coffee...
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    Do you know scene when one pukes out of a car window...use the bag!
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    I actually used coffee as a opposite..
    When I was in the army we would get this huge mug of brewed coffee... Made in a huge pot that was sometimes washed only with water ...
    It made me shit so bad that I wouldn't have that problem for the rest of the day...
    Ofcorse that while doing forced marches, Army exercise (Forced exercise with full gear and weapon) or parading you don't want to be thinking on you're ass....
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    @RodrigoF Yeah that's the problem, caffeine is a laxative. Which is great if you remember to shit before you leave on a critical mission.
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    And that's why I stopped drinking coffee.
    It's literally like a laxative to me. Doesn't compute well with a one hour commute...
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    It's funny how I post two rants in one day, one about development and one about poop...

    ...and the poop one gets all the ++.
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