Mom enters the room where i code all day


b2plane: its a lethal smell with the force of a thousand nuclear gas bombs bullshits that i shitted today

I stank the whole room. If i open the doors then the whole house would smell on bullshit. If i open the windows then the whole street could smell the bullshit i shitted from 1 asshole. Neighbors would smell it. Its that bad. Its that large. Its that lethal. It's that much of a big bullshit. And i write this rant off as i finish my 11th shit of today

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    My fucking legs are numb
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    Mom is making fun of me
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    Goddamn man, why are you so obsessed with shits?
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    @jsframework9000 i wasnt obsessed in the beginning but ever since i entered the corporate world i am surrounded by so much bullshit and so many bullshit people that its impossible to escape or defeat the bullshit; and so therefore I shall become one of the bullshits of the corporate world
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    Did you shit your pants...? Or do you have a toilet/bucket in your room? Or do you live separately from your mom?
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    @netikras Maybe he codes in the WC or on the toilet, since he shits 10 million times a day
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    @jsframework9000 could also be diapers...
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    Ah I get it. I've misunderstood all this time

    Shit is a metaphor you use to describe the corporate world
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    @iceb Yes but in the same time every time i actually do take a shit the first thoughts that come to my mind are recruiters and the entire corporate world because it associates me on bullshit
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    @Nanos nanos is my fav animal here cause he always writes a lot of bullshit and poetry very long rants and detailed devoted comments to bullshit
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