Tried browsing reddit on my new feature phone today, was not disappointed.

It has a surprisingly feature rich browser

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    Name of phone?
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    It's a JIO phone. It's available in India.
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    @imadeveloper looked it up, seems kinda cool but pricey - 46$ is a good amount that you can get a lowbudget android phone for too, although it breaks the idea of having the old keypad etc. also what is the microphone button for, nobody seems to give it much attention on the blogs and reviews
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    @JoshBent I guess you got it wrong, it's just 24$, and did I mention if we get full refund after returning the product after 3 years.
    Technically, it's a free product!
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    @digib0y just looked up again, it says everyhwere 3000rs, which are apparently indian rupees - converting that to $ returns 46, weird why the price is different you say, but I believe you, since its really not a game changer to me personally, although 24 is much more closer to its bang per buck ratio with its highly usable browser and other basic functions.
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    @JoshBent microphone button is for giving voice command to phone... It has built-in siri like feature
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    Can confirm, its available for ₹1500 here in india.

    It has such a powerful browser they should have allowed us to develop apps for this device
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    @Lahsen2016 with the amount of customisation the network provider has done on top of KaiOS, this definately not a privacy phone
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    Holy shit I thought it was gonna have like 40 points but damn
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    @JoshBent let me tell you some more sexy stuff : this phone used to intially (maybe now too, idk) come with a jio sim, on the activation of which, you will get 1.5gb of browsing at 4g speed + unlimited browsing at 3g speed foe every day for 3 months!

    And even after that, you can get this same pack for another 3 months at rs 343 which is ~ $5 !

    You have no idea how indian entrepreneurs win the monopoly of telephony here
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