Boi ✋✋✋✋

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    Rubber ducky project... It came to our country too...
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    The ultimate rubber duck
    - Large boye
    - Large debugging abilities
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    I wonder how often people attempt to ride on it :p
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    When it's in your city your debug power rises 400%
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    I think it's weird how "taxpayer money" became this colloquialism for "I don't like this and no one is allowed to disagree with me", regardless of whether the person's taxes were actually used.

    I mean, there's about 30 of these ducks in the world, and as far as I know they were all commissioned by companies or ordered for festivals which are in turn heavily sponsored by companies. Dutch artists get a bit of subsidy, but that's a very small cost of living amount.

    And it's a small amount to pay to make your city's software bug free anyway.
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    When government launches a program to uplift farmers, no one bats an eye.
    Now they bought a rubber duck for "tax paying" developers, everybody loses their mind.

    Double standards 😑
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    This just reminds me of wat by Gary Bernhardt.

    Here's the talk in case you don't know what I'm talking about.
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    That's some serious debugging
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    So... either the duck i huge, which means its an awesome kodak moment... or... the rest is just miniatures... which is hilarious... so win situation for everyone.
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    @klonky either way, the tax payer liked the "power rangers" based setup
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    @klonky The huge ducks breed, then specially trained master debuggers take fishing boats and catch the little ones by whispering compiler errors at the ocean, then they sell them to Chinese traders in bulk.

    Be warned though, if you feed your rubber ducky too many bugs, it can suddenly get a growth spurt, bursting through the walls of the office. I've had this happen twice now, so you have to make sure to swap ducks often.
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    @bittersweet And furthermore... where exactly do people think the tiny rubberducks come from? The big one of course!
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    They paid $200 000 just to rent it. It's not actually from Canada. I saw it while it was in Toronto tho. The thing is fucking gigantic.
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    Well, at least Canadian coders will never create bugs anymore
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