Someone wanted me to make a full system from zero with good UI/UX, for 2 different user types (think marketplace style), admin area, and cool features that could only be done through phones because the tech is not available in web. All of this with good security due to the delicate information it would handle. Also of course subscription support as well.

By myself, within a year.

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    Were they paying you at least 300000 dollars?
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    @jsframework9000 I was working part time, as a student for just above minimum wage.
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    @ars1 Double fail
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    @jsframework9000 No it's not. OP said that this was when they were a student, so that project most likely ended up in his resume which would help them in interviews. Also the learning curve for the technology would help him grow from being a beginner.

    If he was experienced, he obviously would've asked for more money than minimum wage.

    Saying its a double fail is a shitty attitude. If you make millions off of projects then good for you but shut up about other people's experiences.
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    @SidTheITGuy My bad, I meant it was a double fail for the company! A double failure because they asked somebody to do what they obviously couldn't deliver.
    And no I don't make millions, in fact I'm unemployed right now. I live in Greece, fucking Greece, we are known around the world for our debt. I don't live in the US with the 200k salaries.
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    My first job as a developer, I worked part-time and made as much as a part-time waiter, even though I had a uni degree. A regular waiter, not the fancy ones who work in Santorini and Mykonos. I've been working for more than 8 years and I've made a real developer salary in the past two
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