She : "I haven't seen any cat sleeping during the day."

Me : say no more

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    There are cats that sleep at night?!
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    @stop not sure bout the rest but this /bin/cat is sleepy most of the time 😁
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    and where's the proof that it's day?
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    @catintroholic Proof? Here you go:
    ssh into my server and navigate to /proof/logs.
    My server keeps the log of every tiny details. xP
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    So many daemons during the day is unusual too :P
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    Actually there is not cat, not sleeping in daytime.

    Though my cat hardly used to sleep at night. Now I am changing her routine. She will sleep with me, or when I am away. For rest of time, I play with her
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    Be careful, you also have a BAMF demon sleeping in your house
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