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    More stable than Google Chrome... they say 😒
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    Just MS being MS
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    Didn't they get a Bluescreen during the announcement of windows 95 or something like that?
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    @Olverine "That must be why we are not shipping windows 98 yet" - Billy
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    Around 36 minutes.
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    Tbf any enhancements the edge team make... are to make it easier to download chrome.

    Also, life lesson; have 2 backups when presenting... make sure they work, know their dependencies.
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    Next update:
    Major edge updates - edge now running chromium core for stability
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    @riteshx95 so much shade
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    Now its load & pray instead of plug & pray. 😂
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    @riteshx95 fuck is Firefox Quantum? It’s been a while since I FFed.

    Tbh for webdev Chrome is still the standard.

    But, pouring some out for our fallen brothers, Firefox served us well.
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    @jamescodesthing I heard webdevs are switching back to FF now, not the usual FF, but FF Dev or Nightly. Firebug now lives entirely in FF Dev iirc, in one way or another.
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    @Japorized depends entirely on the dev and background, each to their own and whatever suits someone’s workflow is the winner.

    Chrome would still appear to be the industry standard to most... but some tasks suit ff more.

    Personally I’d drop back just for Tilt3D now and then.

    One thing we can all agree on though: IE can go suck a dick.
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    @jamescodesthing Couldn’t agree more, especially the last bit :P
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    Firefox 57 🤘
    (Trash talkers will be prosecuted in a court of law)
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    @Jop- are you sure edge for android uses chromium? Because something was working on my windows phone and android phone on edge, where chrome had a bug. It really seemed edge uses the same engine everywhere.
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    @Jop- yes, it was the same as chrome.
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    chrome is better option
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