Greatest language of all times is still C. It stood against the test of time. Any new language including Rust can hope to ba barely performant than C with too much overload.(I know most cpp abstractions if more efficient handwritten C equivalent but still).

Language is small, simple, elegant.

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    currently learning it. Gets me to think much more about how things actually work.
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    While the language itself is relatively simple, it’s not simple in terms of avoiding bugs and preventing security vulnerabilities like buffer overflows and memory management related issues.

    Performance is not as important in most cases.

    Safety on the other hand is extremely important.

    The performance advantage of C is minimal, compared to languages like C++, Rust or Swift.
    The safety disadvantage is gigantic (compared to Rust and Swift).

    The developer experience of C and C++ sucks as well.

    C is very influential but far from the best language today.
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    @Lensflare safety is a valid concern but none of those upgrades could gain traction in os level, where safety matters the most. people would still to write more lines of code to make C safer instead of using Rust. Afaik, there is one Rust os attempt which doesn’t go anywhere. As llng as software is developed by humans, complexity of languages is repulsive.
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    Every programmer, even web devs, should at least practice some C in order for them to know a thing or two about how computers actually work, so they can avoid writing terribly inefficient abominations which save a line or two of code.
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    Has C solved the lack of local reasoning about the immutability of pointers yet, or are y'all still reloading every value of matching type whenever you write a value to a pointer just in case they alias?
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    I'm not even gonna get started on how most C libraries take function pointers and void* for event handling even if the arguments are statically known at compile time so C usually uses a lot more virtual function calls than C++ or Rust.
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    It's complex in all the wrong ways. If the dev could talk a little more about the expected invariants of the code, the optimizer could be simpler and the generated code even faster, if the preprocessor was a little more elaborate user-defined abstractions could be faster and more ergonomic at the same time, and if namespaces were available and macros were hygienic they would be vastly safer and thus more popular which would mean that runtime polymorphism would hardly ever have to be used.
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    Programmers know what computers are good at. The optimizer should ideally solve unimportant and low level problems that are only relevant in bulk like load promotion and register allocation. Every optimization the programmer actively thinks about could be expressible in the code, saving vast amounts of analysis.
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