Like an idiot I decided to continue to grad school directly after finishing my undergrad (which I finished later than usual because I switched from a different major) only because my university has a pretty big deep learning lab with important professors.

After a year in, I realized that academia isn't that interesting to me and I'm nearing 30 with no real job experience so I'm hesitant to drop out for fear of not being able to find a job. Meanwhile, I'm dreading every morning when I have to go to the lab and do some BS experiments instead of being out there building stuff. I bought the hype and now I'm stuck.

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    Ask your professors for recommendation for freelance work. Sure thing they know some.
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    What country? I got my master's right after grad school. Got my current job at a pay band higher than I would have as a college new hire because of it too.
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    @projektaquarius I'm from Canada, Montreal. Your comment gave me some relief, thanks for that :)
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