I tried, I really did.

But I cannot get the hang of not having a numpad. I have a peripheral numpad, but even that is awkward.

I even tried to mix things up and do the numpad on the left but thumping my mousehand thumb on my desk trying to hit enter 100x a day is just too much.

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    Why fix what ain't broke?
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    any keyboard without a numpad is an incomplete keyboard imo.

    And i mean to be fair, the numbers below the function keys have different keycodes than the numpad numbers, it would be fucking awkward to not be able to use software properly because part of your kb is missing.

    And before you start asking, which stupid software needs tenkey, youll be disappointed to find out that some 3D Modelling software has different functions on these.
    3DS Max and Blender use the numpad for adjusting the viewport, because it also doubles as a second set of arrow keys plus perspective adjustments
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    @electrineer I was mostly trying to mix things up after my old keyboard wore out after 10 years of faithful service. Fortunately, I purchased a double of it so I'm not out in the cold.
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