Brogrammers who've got no love for the game, just collecting a sweet paycheck. Breaks my heart

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    The ones that care the most are often the last to be noticed.
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    I personally did enjoy programming a long time ago. I taught it to myself as many of us did, never lost motivation and was hunger to enter the big corporate world of big apps and huge databases (because I thought I would learn a lot).
    About 1 year on the corp world and after switching job 3 times I realized business programming sucks comparing to the work, skill and dedication found on open-source projects.
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    @TCB13 Most biz software is ugly, old, relies on deprecated technology and was poorly developed (maybe because deadline etc).

    On the biz world there's not much time for craftsmanship and caring about the code. Eventually after 10 years on the job (hating it every day, but needing the money to survive) I got to a point where I don't really care anymore about much more than the paycheck.

    I know, it's sad and I don't like the way things turned for me.
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    @TCB13 I hope you can find and keep a job where this doesn't happen. And where you've the freedom to keep caring about our code.
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