I just had to download Firefox to be able to download chrome because Edge kept crashing. Think about that for a second.

It kept crashing on a BING SEARCH...

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    you won't make your switch to chrome if you download Firefox, trust me
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    I found Firefox slow, however I tried (and switched!) To Firefox developers edition (Quantum) and it is so much faster! Just a tip if you find it slow, enjoy Firefox!
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    @fatihy chrome works fine for me. I am a creature of habit. As long as something works for me I won't replace it. That's not to say that Firefox isn't great but I just started using chrome first and it works... Unlike Edge...
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    I actually switched to Opera recently. It has this great sidebar Feature where I can access facebook messenger and WhatsApp Web instantly without changing the active tab. Now I Use Chrome ocasionally
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    I shifted to opera recently. We realised that using Chrome on a laptop was really bad.
    Battery wise. Opera's performance is so much better. Also Chrome is a memory hog.
    Edge is surprisingly quick. And light weight though
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    If you like Opera, you should try Vivaldi. It's made by ex-Opera devs who didn't like the direction Opera has been going for the last 7 or 8 years. I personally prefer Firefox and Firefox dev, but Vivaldi is outstanding. Windows, Linux, and Mac.
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    Been using Firefox developers edition (Quantum) for a couple of weeks, It's pretty good
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    @bahua I tried Vivaldi when it was new. Ill try it again.
    I use lastpass so I really need some kinda extension support.
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    Vivaldi can be extended with extensions for (I don't fully recall) chrome, Opera, or both.
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