When you want to work but visual studio does not want to...

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    IDE’s should be faster at loading also their intellisence should be well structured like if you download a library intellisence should be able to support that..
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    @J-2FA Huh why? I am making class diagrams for an old C# project, how is phpstorm going to help with that?
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    Visual studio: urggg can't take it now more so much data!!!

    Phpstorm: You can do it vs, keep going!

    Visual studio: arrrrrrrrrrr

    Oke I'll show myself out. 😂
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    *When you want to work but visual studio is already working...
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    Vs2017 is so much quicker btw. It boots up within 5 seconds for me with a small project opened.
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    Time to upgrade to an SSD. Haven't seen they in years....
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    @billgates I have an ssd
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    @Codex404 Yea not 100% sure why but we have to use vs2015 because of some feature or lib or something that is not fully supported in vs2017. Don't ask me what though...
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    @cwizard hm...
    There's weird then...
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