Today, I fell for a prank that someone tried to pull on me several years ago that I was too smart for at the time.

I was told that it was impossible to crush an egg with one hand. I knew that was nonsense so I never tried. This morning I was feeling adventurous so I tried it.

As it turns out, it is definitely possible to crush and egg with one hand and that when an egg pops, its contents get all over everything.

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    Smartness seems to decrease with age, I noticed it too :(
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    You successfully failed the experiment.
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    This is how a lie turns true or at least plausible over time.
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    If you want someone to do something. Tell them its not possible.
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    It's definitely possible, because our palm doesn't crush it uniformly. It can't be compared with other experiment where you dip it 10 meters below water surface and it's still fine.
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