When trying to log into a financial site and it tells you your credentials are incorrect, when they aren't, all because you are using something other than Chrome or Safari is a new low.

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    They might as well say unsupported browser

    Maybe security through obscurity? That's even more BS
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    I'd be concerned about their hackability, if they are so behind on tech
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    🎵 Suprise Suprise 🎶
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    Reminds me of the hell after a bug in my (formerly main) banks system. They changed password reqs but wanted to ease the transition, ie., not tell anyone, just make new reqs when they changed it next.

    As I had no reason to change mine, I ended up suddenly being told my password was wrong. Though it wasn't, I figured I'd simply reset it... nope, that bugged too. Called, explained, had some "tech support" group me in with the vast majority that just forgot their password but thought they didn't. Override/new password worked... reiterated at next login... over 2 years of this til I debugged it enough to effectively solve it my removing enough other reqs for a valid account login (like recov questions) that it made a valid error, then apparently rectifing that, restored the state.

    I wish I believed I was just forgetting my password.
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    @jestdotty pretty sure they see it as the opposite... they are being so security-conscious that it throws an exception at anything they mightve overlooked. Aka, security inept.
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