Some bitch posted a story "Fear God and obey God's commandments, because thats the only thing asked from mankind ❤️"

This fucking story fueled me

It enraged me

Blood boil

So fucking much that i had to let this shit out here

First of all, "FEAR God..."

If you fear someone who is supposed to love you, does that look like a healthy relationship to you?

"I love you so much", said the boyfriend to his girlfriend, "but if you dont love me back then I'll set you on fire so you can burn in flames and torment"

In that case do you love him because you genuinely truly love him, or do you HAVE TO love him because of fear from burning alive in fire and torment?

Think about that fucking scenario for a while. Imagine if that scenario happens in our world. The guy would be labeled as a psychopath and get arrested IMMEDIATELY.

But it's completely ok when God does THE EXACT SAME THING, just because hes God?

I'm a christian and even this fucks me up when i think about it. The more logical mind and critical thinking i acquire the more i see through the non logical bullshit.

My faith is shaky.

Im genuinely starting to think over 50% of religious people believe in God not because they genuinely believe, but because of fear of being set on fire and torment forever.

It smells to me like its a fucking MIND CONTROL FEAR DRIVEN CULT.

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    Roman emperor Constantine produced the approved version of the Bible. About ~400AD, I wonder what the first draft was...
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    Yes, religious believe is so stupid, that not even the believers agree about what they believe.
    Every individual has his own personal believe that is incompatible with another person’s believe within the same religion.
    And every single person believes that his personal believe is the one which is truly correct.
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    @Lensflare no, religious belieF is not stupid. Peremptory statements about religion are stupid.
    Those who share the same religion usually agree about the religion’s core values, which is the whole point of religion - to bind people together (religare). Otherwise yes, disagreements can arise and groups of people break off from other groups of people to form new denominations. The way I look at it is that such division is actually beneficial in order to keep a balance and to prevent one group from gaining too much power or influence. Maybe God intended it to be that way
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    I wish I was raised to give less of a fuck
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    Ah. Good old theodizee.
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    Also all of us are supposedly sinners and deserve to burn in hell for eternity, since the first day we were born, because our ancestors sinned. When you look at it from logical, sane, objective mind; it sounds like total bullshit. Why do children have to pay for their parent's crime? Paying for eternity, to boot.
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    The entire bible is a fine collection of reasons why he should be feared, hated and - given the opportunity - destroyed. I think the most relatable character in the book is Lucifer.
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