guide to make successful software house company for future me:

1.find shortest domain name with code / star / best / it / super / ai / - whatever banger word you find
2. parse companies work board / linkedin jobs
3. parse people profiles
4. setup email server and create fake linkedin profiles that match jobs and candidates so company looks big
5. fake c-level management so company looks big
6. spam likes and create posts generated by ai from multiple profiles
7. spam invitations to people that match job descriptions and to people working within companies posting jobs
8. offer fake candidates that match job description
9. find real but less promising candidates and offer them the job
10. tell that fake candidate is no longer available but you have someone better


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    What's the point of doing all this?
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    @dIREsTRAITS replacing world with fake people?

    Make a prove that we live in fake reality.
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    That all seems like a lot of effort
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    @vane and after you added more fake reality what would you gain?

    I want you to convince me why would this be something worth time-burning?
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    @dIREsTRAITS if the idea works you will gain nothing as a person itself but there is a chance that this experiment will push the generative content and automation to the point where computer will be in charge of outsourcing company and that is something that at this point nobody have.

    I think outsourcing company is the place that it can be achieved cause you don't have product, you are just a broker between other companies and people.
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    @jestdotty yes it is
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