Some marketing people function on a whole 'nother level. They write internally in the same way they write to represent the company externally, using all the bullshit-laden buzzwords, using exclamation marks all over to convey fake enthusiasm. I wonder if they feel exhausted after doing this for a whole day. I know I would. But I suppose if it helps them perform better, well, let them do it, I guess.

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    Marketers are just professional liars
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    I'll never understand how marketing is a real and legal job. Its very manipulative deceptive and misleading
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    @b2plane potato potat-o
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    i used to work alongside a few marketers. there are the ones who just work their 9 to 5, and then there’s the Marketing Guy.

    no, he doesn’t get tired. he genuinely believes in what he’s saying.

    i’ve never seen someone talk for 45+ minutes every single meeting and STILL manage to say nothing. for gods sake, even the office kevin will occasionally contribute something useful by accident if he just talks long enough. but not marketing guy. this phenomenon should be studied.
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