I was totally unaware of the world of configurations!

Ruby versions, Cocoa Pods versions, Manifest files, Docker files, podspec.yaml, then .lock variants... Jesus Christ and Moohamed...

You need to be devops just to be a programmer

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    Welcome to hell, someone will be with you shortly to ensure nothing of yours works as planned.
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    And this is why people talk so much about stacks; if you just add whatever tool first comes to mind, the amount of configuration will grow linearly with the total amount of code you're running, which is an unmanageable amount most of the time.
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    Docker's biggest W is that it does away with global config files, databases, caches, packages. Its own overhead pays off in not having to reconcile the version of libcocaine used by the python libraries used by this random ass research group you're part of (each of those libraries only officially supports a single different version of libcocaine but it somehow works with other versions too and researchers refuse to care about their stack as long as it works for them), with the version used by the legacy c++ project you're paying rent with, with the version used by your passion project which is built on Ruby or Node and bindings were only ever released by the author for one version per each major until he was arrested for sex trafficking last year and the community-appointed maintainer hates interpreted languages.
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    @lorentz The downside: since the whole motivation is convenience, and easy recursive dependency resolution is a big chunk of that, you can bet that folks making those containers don't actively monitor the security status of each of these recursive dependencies, let alone integrate, test, and deploy the updates.

    Which is also why they don't release a daily container update to fix a security issue with an n-th level dependency - that would be inconvenient and hence go against the original motivation.

    What remains is people doing a half-assed distro maintainer job, but stop at the point where that becomes actual work.
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    Moohamed, just f-ing beautiful
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    Just write a bash script
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    @jestdotty beat me to it
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