AI is tech industry's fidget spinner
Cant wait to see it go out of fashion.

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    Just wait, someone will try and make a god out of AI.
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    It won't go out of fashion. Even if it did, it would be because it became mainstream by that time
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    If you think that you must have missed the last 30 years of AI development.

    Just because charGPT made it more visible and hyped its by no means a new technology.

    Its just that it finally reach a level where all business can see the possibilities.

    Sure there will be projects that crash and burn but enough are already working to ensure its continuation.
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    You are mixing up AI with blockchain, NFT and Facebook's interpretation of the metaverse. AI is more like semiconductors while the other two are more like tulip bulbs. AI won't go away as it is a dependency of the next evolutionary step of automation.
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    @Voxera your interpretation seems sound
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