I gotta praise Google for notifying users well in advance of purging inactive accounts. In fact, it is amazing they retained abandoned accounts as long as they did, given that they provide 15 GB of cloud and mail storage for free.

Whatever unkind things Google has done, one has to appreciate the positive things.

In comparison, the email service "Web.de" deletes accounts not used for as little as half a year. And they only give 1 GB.

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    Lol no

    They're an Intel gathering Corp, that's why they're keeping it
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    Purging emails from a major player is a giant impersonation threat for anyone who lets an old email address slip still tied to any services or websites.

    What could possibly go wrong!?
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    I don't purge often, but when I do, its because I have the flu or food poisoning.
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    @C0D4 I don't think they allow registering accounts on the same email address that existed earlier. ProtonMail does that.
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    @jestdotty Really? Google is owned by Intel? Where did you get this claim from?
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    @exerceo lol, intel means intelligence. As in intelligence gathering. I can see the confusion.
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