Great idea!

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    I collected business cards for a while. It escalated quickly
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    But why do they want your cards? I've seen this numerous times before... i gotta be missing something here.
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    Contact info harvesting for spamming/scamming purposes?
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    Why aren't more people wondering why they want your business cards?... I've had to explain a concept many times recently... so I think I got it down to basic comprehension for most people...

    If someone is giving out free Popsicles, do you want a popsicle from them?

    3 main responses: Yes, No, Why are they giving free popsicles?

    Whether you like popsicles/whatever or not, if you don't typically start at the "WHY?" youre significantly more likely to meet unfortunate circumstances.
    It's different if there's context, a giant brand mascot for popsicles dancing nearby the free popsicle, disclaimer or potentially being expired, they are all *whatever flavour is least popular* etc... but without any of that, it's not really about if you like/want a popsicle.

    I'm not a proponent of intensified skeptism... this is just simple, same as why you should consider "why?" of anything, sales, lighting in a movie scene, a sudden wedding invite from a best friend that was apparently single last week
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    @gemsy that's been a top theory of mine... especially if you consider the info's likely validity compared to the same person writing their info on a ticket... i know i have multiple spam emails so i can keep them organised and generally ignored simultaneously. ... plus knowing their occupation and place of business would be easier for targeted ads and phishing links... plus knowing if they likely had enough money to be worthy of extra efforts.
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    Think it isn't the business cards that's the Trojan horse here but the movie

    Movie industry is in a tough spot nowadays
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    @jestdotty ok... gotta admit, that got a genuine laugh... which i only appear to get if it's like a jump scare version of amusing/funny... like at a children of bodom concert over a decade ago. Out of nowhere this migdet with a ~18inch green mohawk rapid pushed through the crowds, running right in front of me, promptly running into this massive, unamused, very muscular man. Who, without consideration or missing a beat, simply picked him up and put him in the giant metal drum garbage can...just a small green tip was visible when he apparently reoriented. Genuine laughter for sure... highly amusing (i amused by midgets in general too) and totally unexpected/no past conception of this new hysterical thing that suddenly jumped out at me.
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